Botón de ancla 1961

Three midshipmen students from the Naval Academy, founded the anchor button Trinca, which have the commitment to help one another whenever any of them need it. However, jeopardize their close friendship because of a misunderstanding ... Remake of the movie of the same name directed in 1948 by Ramón Torrado.

Botón de ancla 1948

Carlos, Jose Luis and Enrique, three friends who are in their final year as students of the Naval Academy in Marin face each other in matters of love. When Carlos meets Maria Rosa, the daughter of a shipowner, he falls for her and forgets Dorita Beltran, an artist with whom he had relationships. Soon after, Dorita arrives in the city to act, meets Carlos' friends and decides to seduce José Luis to take revenge on her former lover.

Los caballeros del Botón de Ancla 1974

Carlos, Enrique and Jose Luis are three great friends, students of the Naval School of Marín. Future marine have to test their loyalty when love enters their lives ... Remake of a film's own Ramón Torrado, 1948 entitled "Botón de Ancla" and that he had met in 1960-another adaptation of the same novel, starring the Dynamic Duo.

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