Thee 2009

The story begins with Sarathy (Sundar) who is a tough and honest cop and given his straightforward nature, he is the thorn in the flesh for many antisocial elements and also the politicians. Due to this, he keeps getting transferred from time to time, however, Sarathy has no qualms about it since he is happily married with a lovely wife Ganga (Ragini). Sarathy's life however takes a turn when he arrests a corrupt MLA (G M Kumar) and his men which leads the politician to quit the field. He vows revenge and kills Ganga and their two children's and also frames Sarathy in a case. But his wife escapes and Sarathy admit her in a hospital in serious condition. From then on, he begins his corrupt acts and in such a way that the entire society begins to loathe the police force. Saami then strikes hard at the former MLA who kills Ganga and what happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Get Thee Out 1991

In Russia at the turn of the century, a wealthy Jewish merchant enjoys the best of relations with his Russian neighbours, while his respected home forms the obvious social centre of the entire community. However, the atmosphere grows more tense as the local authorities come under pressure to fall in line with the officially sanctioned anti-Semitic policies of the Tsarist Government. The village elder is one of our hero's best friends and together they seem to find a way to outwit these evil intentions but unfortunately they fail to understand what forces they are dealing with in a country where anti-Semitism is state policy.

Thee 1981

A 1981 Tamil movie.

I Before Thee 2018

Jeffery hasn't been the same since the loss of his wife who died during childbirth. Now crisis returns to his life, as his only child is diagnosed with leukemia, sending him into a tailspin. He turns away from his faith, feeling that life is no longer worth living. As God brings reminders of His goodness into Jeffery's life, will that be enough to guide him back to what matters most?

Theeb‎‎ 2014

In the Ottoman province of Hijaz during World War I, a young Bedouin boy experiences a greatly hastened coming of age as he embarks on a perilous desert journey to guide a British officer to his secret destination.

How Do I Love You? 1966

Gigliola is a young and humble Neapolitan swimmer who will compete in a competition in Spain and finds herself falling for the fiance of her best friend. But when they come to visit her in Italy, she pretends to be rich, with the complicity of their parents.

Thee Nagar 2007

Yamaha Murugan (Karan) is a do-gooder, who commands respect from student’s community for his good deed as students chairman in a city college. Unable to find a lucrative job, he sets up a tea shop in front of the college from here he passed out. Life goes smooth for Murugan until he comes across a corrupt cop FIR Murthy (Shanmugarajan). Murugan is targeted for no fault of his by FIR Murthy. Nadhiya (Udhayathara), a girl next door falls for Murugan's good conduct. Both develop romance. However a bloody duel between Murugan and Murthy brings a change in the former's life. The rest is the battle between the two to assert their supremacy over one other that ends with a riveting climax.

Of Thee I Sting 1946

A (male?!) mosquito army prepares for the attack. We see basic training, which includes an obstacle course (slapping hands, fly swatters), target practice on stuffed dummy human forms, and training for taking off and landing on "flattops" (sardine cans).

Thee Kulikkum Pachai Maram 2013

Thee Kulikkum Pachai Maram Movie: Thee Kulikkum Pachay Maram Music: M. Vineesh, M. Prabheesh Cast: Prajin, Sarayu Ammu

Why Thee Wed 2005

This documentary profiles the eight couples who challenged marriage laws in British Columbia in court until same-sex marriage was recognized in 2003. As controversy swirls around this issue worldwide, Why Thee Wed? offers surprising and diverse perspectives on what it means for gay and lesbian couples to walk down the aisle and to fight for the right to do so under the law.

Thee Hypnotics - Soul Trading 2018

Thee Hypnotics were one of those late 80's / early 90's bands that dug deep into the roots of rock, filling the gap between alternative rock and metal with their retro-garage sound. Originally from High Wycombe, they set about tearing up the local scene before before spreading their disease across the UK, Europe, and beyond. Three parts loose 'n loud garage rock, one part grungedelic progpunk, Thee Hypnotics produced the kind of uplifting vibe that most of the big-league rock 'n rollers had lost years ago, and most of the newer bar-room gutter rock and tripped-out psyche revivalists could only dream of.

How do I love thee? 1965

Religious educational film by Judge Whitaker which shows the effects of the choices of two different roommates.

How Do I Love Thee? 1970

A professor recalls his atheistic father, his devoted mother and his father's blousy mistress.

Of Thee We Sing: The Marian Anderson Story

This special chronicles the career and legacy of Marian Anderson through the testimonial interviews of notable politicians, celebrated musicians, family members and everyday individuals.

On Guard For Thee

On Guard For Thee was a Canadian documentary television miniseries which aired on CBC Television in 1981.

Thee Mr. Duran Show

Thee Mr. Duran Show is a variety television show. The show is hosted by Richard Duran, and currently films at the LVTV Channel 3 Studio on the campus of the University of La Verne in La Verne, California. Episodes premiere live online at the show's official website, in addition to airing on Public-access television cable TV Channel 3 in the La Verne and San Dimas area, in select viewing areas on Time Warner Cable. The show originally debuted at East L.A. Community Television in November 2000, before relocating to KCAT in March 2004, whose studio was located on the campus of Glen A. Wilson High School. Thee Mr. Duran Show made its debut on LVTV in October 2009, following the closing of the KCAT Television operations in March 2009. Thee Mr. Duran Show routinely features one live band, performing for approximately 30 minutes, and one to two speaking guests. The use of "Thee" in the title is an homage to the 1960s Chicano rock bands out of East L.A., where Duran grew up, such as Thee Midniters.

The Marked Husband 2014

Ploy plays a rich bratty woman who has gone through 2 failed marriages and one dead husband. Her best friend is played by Jui, a friend who is not really her friend. They are more like friend enemies. Jui has been having an affair with Ploy’s current husband who eventually dies in a car accident. Ploy finds out about the affair and ends their 13 year friendship. Also Jui’s character is pregnant with Ploy’s dead husband. Ploy finds love again with straight shooter Pope who loves her sincerely despite her terrible personality and sketchy history with men. They eventually get marry; however; problems with insecurities regarding trust starts to tear the couple down. The reappearance of Jui doesn’t help the couple either.

Mrs. Pepper Pot 1983

Mrs. Pepper Pot, known in Japanese as Spoon Oba-san, is a Japanese anime television series, which premiered on NHK from April 1983 to March 1984, spanning 130 episodes. It is based on the novel Mrs. Pepperpot by the Norwegian author Alf Prøysen. It was also later aired in Japan by the satellite television network Animax. The series was later aired across several countries worldwide, and has been translated into English and several other languages.

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