Salvador 1986

A second rated journalist from the US tries his luck in El Salvador during the military dictatorship in the 1980s.

I am not Salvador 2016

Mr. Naser Izadi and Mrs. Izadi were invited to Brazil by an agent from tourism agency. Angela (a Brazilian woman) misunderstood Naser as her ex-fiance and this make a challenging event for their trip.

S.A.S. San Salvador 1983

Enrique Chacon kills Oscar Romero, a Catholic archbishop in San Salvador. The CIA calls a special agent, Malko Linge, a ruined prince who lives with an expensive woman - Countess Alexandra - to get rid of this nuisance of a man. He does, with many encounters with sweet girls, and macho villains. (Written by Artemis-9, IMDb)

Salvador Dalí: In Search of Immortality 2018

The documentary proposes an exhaustive journey through the life and work of Salvador Dalí, and also of Gala, his muse and collaborator. It starts in 1929, a crucial year in Dalí's career and life, as he joined the surrealist group and met Gala, and advances until the year of the artist's death in 1989.

Babado Novo Ao Vivo Em Salvador 2004

Brazilian Band - Recorded at Concha Acústica Castro Alves Theater in Salvador (Bahia), is also the first DVD of the band with singer Claudia Leitte as their vocalist. The album features hits two first two albums the band (Straw, Naughty, Dog, No-Shame, Cai Out and Fulano in Sala) and remakes (Seriously Speaking and Perfect Love, both of Roberto Carlos, and Dyer Maker, the band Led Zeppelin) and unreleased songs (Picture on shelf, Love Proof, Nothing More (It hurt), Two Paths (Master and Apprentice) and Me Flame of Love). The total repertoire consists of 29 songs. Three are exclusive to the CD (Speaking Seriously, Perfect Love and Ê Saudade), while nine are exclusive to the DVD (Spooks, Te Amar is need, the medley Shacks / Kiss on the Lips / I Need You, Love's Divine, Selva White the medley If I'll Call Me / Give A Shout Then, Blonde Hair, In Step Marcharada and the opening of the show).

El Salvador: The People Will Win 1980

The battle of El Salvador and its revolutionary history, from the time of the Spanish conquest and colonization, to the insurgency of the 80s, approached by a Puerto Rican filmmaker immersed in the conflict. Depicts a host of F.M.L.N. guerrillas marching forth from Monte Alzaco, the spiritual home of Salvadoran resistance.

Salvador Allende 2007

A leftist revolutionary or a reformist democrat? A committed Marxist or a constitutionalist politician? An ethical and moral man or, as Richard Nixon called him, a "son of a bitch"? In SALVADOR ALLENDE, acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán (The Battle of Chile and Chile, Obstinate Memory) returns to his native country thirty years after the 1973 military coup that overthrew Chile's Popular Unity government to examine the life of its leader, Salvador Allende, both as a politician and a man.

The Savior 2014

It is a time when Rome rules the world with the power of life and death in their hands. The province of Roman Palestine is a bubbling cauldron of rebellion and control. And on this greater canvas Luke, narrates a story of wonder, amazement and impact... The world is anticipating this moment in history but no one can imagine God touching His creation in the form of a little baby named Jesus. Much is recorded in the Gospels about Jesus' miraculous birth, to a young virgin named Mary, in Bethlehem, but little is known about his quiet growing up in Nazareth. Joseph, his adopted father, seems to have died well before Jesus turns 30 and begins his ministry.

El Salvador: Lost Archives of the Armed Conflict, Vol. 1 2014

The military dictatorships, which held power in El Salvador, instituted a way of governing the country that became unsustainable. Electoral frauds were evident, and despite all this, the military continued to perpetuate themselves in power. Little by little, the gap between social classes began to widen, aggravating differences, while inequality grew disproportionally. Due to the lack of opportunity to improve the quality of life of Salvadorans via a political path, guerrilla organizations as well as an armed conflict emerged.

El Salvador: Lost Archives of the Armed Conflict, Vol. 2 2015

The Coup of 1979 was the "straw that broke the camel's back". The most influential sectors in the country, both from the Left and the Right, radicalized and decided to rebel against a power they considered unjust and unbearable. From this decision to rebel emerged three Revolutionary Juntas made up by civilians and the military.

El Salvador: Lost Archives of the Armed Conflict, Vol. 3 2015

In 1989, ARENA won the presidential elections. That same year, after a few months before the democratically elected executive office took power, the FMLN launched the biggest military offensive of the war called "To the Top" on November 11. ARENA, under the direction of Alfredo Cristiani as President of the country, had resumed peace negotiations in order to find a peaceful solution to a conflict that had already cost thousands of lives.

Tatah 2013

A down-on-his-luck man must prove he's not as hapless as he seems when the woman he's on a date with is suddenly kidnapped.

Tamale Road: A Memoir from El Salvador 2012

Salvadoran born Amanda Reyes lost her father to murder in 1929. She was three. She was taken away from her family and lived her entire life not knowing who they were. In 2009 her son, Marcos Reyes Villatoro, searched the entire country for the family. His search for the Reyes family is more than curiosity; it's his obsession. Like many Latinos in the U.S., Marcos has the need to know on a deeper level, What does it mean to be Latino? He searches for his roots. And what he finds is not pleasant. His family was involved in the Salvadoran struggles in a way he'd never dreamed.

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