Uncle Brian 2010

A dark comedic tragedy about Brian, a teenager who blatantly disregards life's responsibilities, and the humorous hazards and consequences that befall him for feeling that he is above them.

What About Brian 2006

Serial monogamist Brian O'Hara hits his mid-30s and suddenly realizes he's the last bachelor standing in his circle of friends. Not averse to the happily ever after his friends have achieved, Brian wonders whether he'll ever find Mrs. Right. The fact that he's in love with his best friend's girlfriend doesn't help his chances.

The Brian Keith Show 1972

The Brian Keith Show is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from September 1972 to March 1974. The series stars Brian Keith and Shelley Fabares.

Brian Mørk Show 2007

Brian Mørk Show is a Danish comedy talk show , with stand-up comedian Brian Mørk as the host. Each program has Mørk visits of two actors or comedians who interviewed with false and often spontaneous questions . During the talks improvising guests and play the game without protest, while they tried to make their responses funny.

The Brian Benben Show 1998

The Brian Benben Show is an American sitcom that aired on CBS in 1998. It stars Brian Benben as a long time news anchor at KYLA-TV news in Los Angeles who is replaced by a younger person when the ratings begin to drop. The series was cancelled after only four episodes aired.

Brian O'Brian

Brian O'Brian is an original series airing on Disney Channel. The series is co-written and directed by Danny Kaplan and stars Brian Stepanek, who also co-writes; original score by Stuart Balcomb, and produced in Cologno Monzese near Milan, Italy. Individual episodes are quick comedy sketches, less than 5 minutes in length. An ad promoting the premiere of Brian O'Brian was shown during the premiere of The Suite Life on Deck on September 26, 2008, on Disney Channel America. The series premiered on The Disney Channel on October 3, 2008. In Latin America, it premiered on February 16, 2009 on Disney Channel Latin America. Although reviewers often state that the character of Brian O'Brian is very similar to Rowan Atkinson's character Mr. Bean, he more closely resembles the famous Ernie Kovacs character "Eugene", with no actors on the show speaking, the comedy relying only on actions, sound effects, and the occasional scream or yelp. There are no written words used on screen, using pictures only on signs, instructions, package labels, etc., which allows the show to be presented in any country, in any language with only a change to the episode credits needed. Much like almost all of Disney's modern-day programming, the show uses a laugh track. The season started on September 12, 2008 on Disney Channel Italy.

Brian Pern: A Life in Rock 2014

Brian Pern is an ageing rock star and former front-man of ground breaking progressive rock group Thotch. Like many artists of his age, rather than make new music, he spends more time trying to save the planet (including his campaign to teach gorillas how to Skype). Now, the BBC have asked him to front a major new documentary where he presents his guide to The Life Of Rock from prehistoric man to the present day.

Brian Johnson: A Life on the Road 2017

One of rock music’s iconic and tour-hardened frontmen, Brian Johnson, gives us a brand new and exclusive take on one aspect of the rock and roll life: live performance, touring and being ‘on the road’.

Burying Brian 2008

Burying Brian is a New Zealand television series produced by Eyeworks Touchdown which premiered on Television New Zealand's TV ONE on 2 July 2008, and ran for 6 episodes. The series is about Jodie and her three female friends. At the beginning of the first episode, Jodie's husband Brian dies during a domestic dispute. Jodie believes that she may go to jail for his murder, but her friends convince her not to report the death, but instead to bury the body and make it appear that he has run off with another woman. Although the series was a ratings success, no further episodes were made after the first season.

Brian Conley: This Way Up 1989

Brian Conley: This Way Up was a sketch comedy show starring Brian Conley. It ran from 20 May 1989 to 1 June 1990 on ITV in the United Kingdom. Whilst the show wasn't as popular as its successor, The Brian Conley Show, This Way Up gave one of Conley's most popular characters, Nick Frisbee and Larry the Loafer, their debut. This Way Up ran for two series. The final show ended with Brian saying "See you next year!". Although a third series was never produced in 1991, The Brian Conley Show started the following year. The show led Conley to be named the freshest face on ITV, and he was awarded the "Most Promising Artiste" title at the 1991 Variety Club Awards. During the late 1990s, the show was repeated regularly on satellite channel Granada Plus.

What Would Brian Boitano Make? 2009

What Would Brian Boitano Make? is a cooking show on Food Network hosted by Brian Boitano. It first aired on August 23, 2009. The show features Boitano cooking several dishes and then entertaining his friends. Boitano is a self-taught cook, who started cooking in earnest at age 25. The show's name is based on "What Would Brian Boitano Do?", a song from the film South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, and uses a shortened version of the song as its theme music.

The Brian Conley Show 1992

The Brian Conley Show was a comedy variety show, and later a comedy chat show, starring Brian Conley, and broadcast in the United Kingdom on ITV between 1992 and 1995, and again in 2000 to 2002.

The Brian Jackson Show

The Brian Jackson Show follows shows such as lonelygirl15 and Kate Modern as examples of the growing number of internet sitcoms and shows that are being broadcast exclusively online. Whilst half hour shows and feature-length movies are already widely available online, such shows were originally produced for and distributed on more conventional media such as television and movie theatres. The Brian Jackson Show is currently one of the few exclusively online shows to be broadcast as full TV-length episodic content. The Brian Jackson Show aired its first episode on 14 March 2009

The Brian Benben Show

The Brian Benben Show is an American sitcom that aired on CBS on Mondays from September 21, 1998 to October 12, 1998.

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